The Protection of Personal Information Act
The Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA or POPI Act) is South Africa's equivalent of the EU GDPR. It sets some conditions for responsible parties (called controllers in other jurisdictions) to lawfully process the personal information of data subjects (both natural and juristic persons).

The Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA), also known as the POPI Act, will be mandatory for all organisations in South Africa from the 1st of July 2021. The purpose of the legislation is to protect and deal with the collection and processing of personal information by applying certain principles and conditions.

What does POPIA mean for you as our client, supplier or marketing receiver?

Vigilant CCTV has always been committed to treating client information in an ethical manner and POPIA provides the legal framework and requirements for this treatment. We will continue to deal with all our stakeholders information with diligence and caution in future. This includes the processing, collection, storing and access to information.

Please take note of the following POPIA changes

Consent forms for all new clients, suppliers and marketing receivers

The POPIA also requires us to include a summary of how we deal with your personal information. The following information will form part of our consent documentation effective 1 July 2021:

We care about the privacy, security and online safety of your personal information and we take our responsibility to protect this information very seriously. Below is a summary of how we deal with your personal information.

  • Processing your personal information: We have to collect and process some of your personal information in order to provide you with our products and services, and also as required by tax and other legislation.
  • Protecting your personal information: We take every reasonable precaution to protect your personal information (including information about your activities) from theft, unauthorised access and disruption of services.
  • Receiving marketing from us: Please contact us using the contact details provided in this notice letter if you want to change your marketing preferences. Remember that even if you choose not to receive marketing material from us, we will still send you communications about your current products and any changes if and when required.


POPIA changes do not affect any terms and conditions of your current services or products. Should any further personal information be required from you, that is not in line with the purpose of originally collecting your information (which serves the purpose of delivering a service to you or providing you with information on the products/services of the Company), you will be required to provide consent for such additional collection and processing. The purpose of such collection, whether the supply is mandatory or voluntary and the consequences of refusing/withdrawing consent will be communicated to you.