Durbanville Armed Response Company

We offer an all-round security and risk management services for more effective security solution.

The people at Vigilant Security have been rendering successful armed response service in Durbanville and Bellville for the past 23 years. The reason for our success for such a long period of time is the principles with which we approach our task.

As an alarm response company, we believe the success of an alarm monitoring and armed response services heavily depends on our ability to manage detail. With this we mean that the days of an AR vehicle parked under a tree waiting to be dispatched to an alarm signal is long gone. We therefore constantly monitor crime and crime trends, movement trends and modus operandi.

Based on this information we continuously adapt our security patrol strategy in Durbanville and Bellville. This means our armed response officers are informed, and they can approach their task strategically. In the process our service becomes much more preventative, rather than re-active. In short, it is not our goal to be the biggest armed response company, but rather the most defective in our area of operation.

Secondly, because we respond to alarm signals in a limited area, we are not only able to keep our prices affordable, but we are also able ensure lightning fast reaction times, we are able to build trust relationships with clients, and we are able to communicate more effective, to keep clients informed of the security status, and share challenges and successes in Bellville and Durbanville.

Last but not least, we know our armed response and alarm monitoring control room staff is at the core of our operational security success. These men and women have proven their worth over an extended period of time. We are proud of them, we appreciate them, and we are convinced you too will experience them as unmatched in their commitment and professionalism.

Still, for us it cannot stop here and in Durbanville especially we make sure we are involved where it counts, and that we give back to the community. From supporting NGO's such as MES who rehabilitates and create jobs which directly contribute to reduction in crime, to skill development organisations, the Durbanville Community Police Forum, and participating with SAPS and other armed reaction companies during weekly crime prevention operations.

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