CCTV Monitoring South Africa

We use smart function analytics such as intrusion detection technology, cross-line detection, human motion detection and facial recognition.

Vigilant is a multi facet security company which services include live off-site CCTV monitoring services from a state of the art remote CCTV control room situated in Cape Town, Western Cape, capable of offering this service anywhere in South Africa for homes, businesses, farms, schools and security complexes and estates. .

We believe in the principle that a security service only works effectively when people, technology and procedures are correctly balanced. It is for this very reason that, though we have hand-picked, trained and continuously coach the finest CCTV control room operators, we do not rely on the human element alone, but rather incorporate intelligent software analytics.

One may be forgiven to think CCTV monitoring works with a person sitting behind a screen which display several security cameras, hoping to notice suspicious persons or activity, and that the operator will act promptly and effectively. In such a scenario your doubt and concern is valid, and some activities which should be noticed may and will certainly be overlooked.

At vigilant we make use of artificial intelligent smart function analytics such as intrusion detection technology, crossline detection, human motion detection, facial recognition cameras and LPR (license plate recognition cameras) which visually and audibly alerts us when questionable activity, or an unauthorized person or vehicle moves into an off-limits area.

The above is referred to as event or "black screen monitoring". In short, activity is monitored by intelligent software, not people, smart functions such as intrusion detection acts as a visual and audible early warning signal, and the human element (control room  operator) then follows a specific set of procedures which include activating a security response team or, depending on the incident, contact the police or fire department, and informing the client promptly.

But CCTV camera monitoring does not start and end with crime prevention only. Security camera systems can be integrated with access control systems or used as an access control system on its own, it can be used for two-way communication in different environments and situations, prerecorded voice messages can be loaded on some cameras to for example warn someone they are entering a dangerous area, and you could even use a camera to monitor a person's temperature.  When you sign up with Vigilant Security, our consultant will explain CCTV monitoring and its different applications  in detail, and leave you with a service level agreement which we commit to.

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