CCTV Monitoring Prices

Special Offers for CCTV Monitoring and Installations.

CCTV monitoring prices gives you the opportunity to have much more security and ultimate peace of mind for much less. Our rates for having even multiple cameras monitored can be a fraction of the price of one security officer. Moreover, virtual security patrols by means of a CCTV system guarantees to be more effective compared to trusting only on the human element (security officer) which is only in one place at a time, is intimidatable, even corruptible, gets tired or falls asleep on duty.

With discount deals per camera depending on the number of cameras and the type of monitoring required, your safety and security is not only improved, but becomes affordable and even cheap. Moreover, at Vigilant we not only offer our clients affordable monitoring rates, but are willing to negotiate so our price fits your budget.

Security guards certainly have their use and application, but your guard compliment can now be much smaller since patrols are done virtually 24/7,  thus cost less, and the guard can now only act as the response to camera alerts, rather than constituting one’s entire security solution.

Special Offers for CCTV Monitoring and Installations

We realize that in today's volatile economy, money matters. To give back to the community we serve, you will regularly find special offers on our CCTV monitoring services, as well as camera installations. To enjoy discount prices, you need to watch this space, especially before Easter weekend and at the start of December.

On top of this, our mid-summer and mid-winter special deals is going to make your money go alot further. This can include anything from enjoying one or even two month's free monitoring, and up to 10% discount on your CCTV installation.